Ecological state of the lake
during restoration measures.
Poznań and Wągrowiec 25 June - 9 July 2017

Summer School 2011


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Welcoming meeting with the Major of Wagrowiec. Place of meeting before classes. Students search for macroinvertebrates representatives. Deposits cleaning on the sieve. Algae group during the water samples collection. Measurements of physico-chemical parameters of water. Sediment samples collection. Water sampler in the use.
Lednica in the medieval decor - warrior winner... Moment for the relaxation. Group 1 in transit to test-sites situated in the Struga Gołaniecka river. Group 3 is drawing questionnaire forms up during Lake Management class. Group work during reports writing. Still busy... Finishing touch at the presentation file. Collegium Biologicum - before class To measure 25 ml of water out requires the concentration and the precision. Preparing the extraction of chlorophyll-a. Waiting for results of chemical analyses.


Professor Nicoara Mircea(UAIC, Romania), Professor Goldyn Ryszard (AMU, Poland), PhD Messyasz Beata (AMU,Poland), PhD Windhorst Wilhelm (CAU, Germany), PhD Plavan Gabriel (UAIC, Romania), MSc Hugenschmidt Cindy(CAU, Germany), MSc Domek Piotr (AMU, Poland)

Germany: Uwa Steve Ayobahan, Claas Faber, Natalie Gerlach, Eike Sophie Hümpel, Roman Andre Leupolz-Rist, Friederike Luebben, Daniel Newman, Björn Nikolaus

Romania: Emanuel Ştefan Baltag, Anamaria Rusu, Andrei Constantin Tǎbǎcaru, Toma Stoleru, Lucian Eugen Bolboacǎ, Marius Andrei Rău, Loredana Cantemir, Mitică Ciorpac, Petru Iulian Trăsnea, Radu Druică

Poland: Karolina Łepkowska, Magdalena Litwin, Piotr Kulka, Norbert Szymkiewicz, Marcin Dziuba, Izabela Burda, Dominika Soroka, Paulina Ziętek, Agata Piaseczna, Wojciech Biernacki, Marcin Miniecki


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Stan_ekologiczny_jeziora_Durowskiego_w_roku_2011-wersja_polska.pdf (7,4MB)
Lake_Management_Report.pdf (1,4MB)
Lake_Management-presentation.pdf (4,8MB)
Hydrological_balances_report.pdf (1,4MB)
Hydrological_balances-presentation.pdf (2,7MB)
Presentation_Macroinvertebrates.pdf (1,8MB)
Macroinvertebrates_report.pdf (0,48MB)
Macrophytes-presentation.pdf (2,6MB)
Macrophytes-report.pdf (2,4MB)
Algae-prezentacja.pdf (3,0MB)
Algae-report.pdf (3,8MB)
Report_physico-chemical.pdf (0,55MB)
Physico-chemical_presentation.ppt (1,9MB)