Ecological state of the lake
during restoration measures.
Poznań and Wągrowiec 25 June - 9 July 2017

Summer School 2014


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Exploration of the littoral zone Washing the bottom sediments Cataloging the aquatic vegetation Even in the greatest heat of in force was a special outfit Testing the suitability of various types of equipment in reaching the research site Measurements of the flow velocity of water in the Struga Gołaniecka river The last image of the "water sampler" before sinking... Work on viewing the sediment samples lasted late into the evening A moment of relaxation at the fountain in Wągrowiec Intensive preparation the results for reports


PhD Naicheng Wu (CAU, Gemany), PhD Beata Messyasz (AMU,Poland), Professor Ryszard Gołdyn (AMU, Poland), PhD Wilhelm Windhorst (CAU, Germany), MSc Piotr Domek (AMU, Poland), Piotr Klimaszyk PhD (AMU, Poland)

Germany: Lilian Alba, Belihu Tesfalem Getahun, Mahmoud Nady, Hamera Aisha, Kriste Makareviciute, Milton Avalos

Poland: Michał Kolasa, Kinga Kwasiżur, Pablo Alcaraz Párraga, Jasmina Sargac, Joanna Szcześniak


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Algae_2014_presentation.pdf (1,7 MB)
Algae_2014_report.pdf (2,5 MB)
Hydrology_and_Lake_Management_2014_presentation.pdf (4,1 MB)
Hydrology_and_Lake Management_2014_report.pdf (1,7 MB)
Hydrology_and_Lake Macroinvertebrates_2014_presentation.pdf (3,6 MB)
Hydrology_and_Lake Macroinvertebrates_2014_report.pdf (2,1 MB)
Macrophytes_2014_presentation.pdf (2,8 MB)
Macrophytes_2014_report.pdf (0,9 MB)