Ecological state of the lake
during restoration measures.
Poznań and Wągrowiec 25 June - 9 July 2017

Summer School 2012


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The morning meeting before the start of field work. Algae group before the next activities on the lake. Sieving of the sediment in the littoral zone. Obtaining a phytoplankton sample requires great strength and precision.
The pleasure we took also from paddling. Recent discussions in the choice of equipment for paddling. The best prepared boatman to work in the field. Irrespective of the weather the most mobile in the lake were water bikes. Slight pause in the ethnographic museum. Group tour of the facilities in the ethnographic museum. Lake Lednica - the ferry to the island. On the Osrow Lednicki island. The whole group in front of the Collegium Biologicum. Diatom Index calculation. Macroinvertebrates identification to the species level. Macrophytes group before presenting their results. Classes in the laboratory. Common explore different parts of Poznan. During the official meetings. A short cruise on the lake.


MSc Hugenschmidt Cindy(CAU, Germany), PhD Messyasz Beata (AMU,Poland), Professor Nicoara Mircea(UAIC,Romania), Professor Gołdyn Ryszard (AMU, Poland), PhD Windhorst Wilhelm (CAU, Germany), PhD Plavan Gabriel (UAIC, Romania), MSc Domek Piotr (AMU, Poland)

Germany: Rahel Maren Borrmann, Adam Charette-Castonguay, Clemens Kühn, Anna Elisabeth Lau, Duong Le Thuy, Sami Manandhar, Guilherme Alexandre Pinto, Shafiei Samar, Sandra Taudt, Agrivickona Ario Vicaksono, Gianluca Zullo

Romania: Ionela Constandache, Liviu Gabriel Pârâu, Mirela Chițescu, Andreea-Irina Ursu, Vlad Amarghioalei, Anca-Elena Miron, Ştefan-Adrian Strungaru, Ioan Popoaia, Viorel Popa, Andrei Stefan

Poland: Aleksandra Bartosiewicz, Natalia Szymkowiak, Natalia Bartoszek, Natalia Oborska, Katarzyna Smolarkiewicz, Joanna Niedźwiedzińska, Katarzyna Koźlik, Bernadetta Ruszkowska-Cichocka, Joanna Sikorska, Julia Sroka


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Hydrological_Balances_Presentation.pdf (1,36MB)
Lake_Management_Presentation.pdf (3,02MB)
Macroinvertebrates_Presentation.pdf (3,7MB)
Macrophytes_Presentation.pdf (2,36MB)
Physico-Chemical_Presentation.pdf (6,87MB)
Algae_Report.pdf (8,5MB)
Hydrological_Balances_Report.pdf (5,88MB)
Lake_Management_Report.pdf (1,18MB)
Macroinvertebrates_Report.pdf (0,46MB)
Macrophytes_Report.pdf (17,2MB)
Physico-Chemical_Report.pdf (0,85MB)