Ecological state of the lake
during restoration measures.
Poznań and Wągrowiec 25 June - 9 July 2017

Summer School 2013


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Macrophytes team Physico-chemical  analysis in the field Boats meeting in the lake Preparing fishing nets
Catch of fish Sediment sampling at the pelagic site Participants spent creatively free time Students waiting for results Bike ride in search of fishermen Hard working time Wading in the river Curious of Macroinvertebrates Physico-chemical group in the front of faculty of biology Microscopic observation of phytoplankton Macroinvertebrates group shouted for joy The activites on the lake During exercise associated with water plant transects


PhD Naicheng Wu (CAU, Gemany), PhD Beata Messyasz (AMU,Poland), Professor Mircea Nicoara (UAIC,Romania), Professor Ryszard Gołdyn (AMU, Poland), PhD Wilhelm Windhorst (CAU, Germany), PhD Gabriel Plavan (UAIC, Romania), MSc Piotr Domek (AMU, Poland), Piotr Klimaszyk PhD (AMU, Poland)

Germany: Aberra Tiruneh Desalegn, Danehl Sina, Follath Michael, Frederick Damptey Gyasi, Hasnain Ali, Keim Katharina, Linder Carina, Smith Garvey, Torres Orozco Jimenez Daniel

Romania: Aursulesei Iulia Geanina, Fotache Ana Maria, Frunze Timur, Galan Petrisor, Melenciuc Raluca, Popa Beatrice Catalina, Popescul Ovidiu Alexandru, Prisacaru Florin Constantin, Strugariu Alexandru

Poland: Chmielewski Piotr, Chrobak Izabela, Czyż Magdalena, Frankiewicz Monika, Majkowska Katarzyna, Moskalik Sandra, Pabiszczak Bogna, Przesmycka Karolina, Suszczyńska Marcelina, Tornadowska Aleksandra


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Ecological state of lake durowskie basing on algae 2013.pdf (1,76MB)
HEcological state of the lake during restoration measures complete _pol_.pdf (1,00MB)
Fish assemblages in Lake Durowskie_2013.pdf (1,14MB)
Fish assemblages_2013_eng.pdf (19,1MB)
Lake management Presentation.pdf (1,03MB)
Lake Management Report.pdf (1,60MB)
Macrophytes Report.pdf (1,21MB)
Macrophytes_presentation_2013.pdf (1,46MB)
Physico-chemical english.pdf (1,53MB)
Presentation macroinvertebrates-english 2013.pdf (9,88MB)
Presentation_Algae_2013.pdf (1,18MB)
Report macroinvertebrates 2013.pdf (1,43MB)
Stan ekologiczny jeziora Durowskiego w roku 2013-PL.pdf (4,99MB)